Hungry Cat | Gallery
Here you can see the pure output of Hungry Cat Renderer. Any form of postprocessing was avoided, thus you can see the true contrast of lights where their sources were not complicated or colored for the sake of simplicity, which is the Hungry Catís principle.
As a matter of fact, the Catnap&Retina series does not render quietly simple objects. The abilities of interval arithmetic were tested. The unacceptable computational times could say nothing about the startling robust, elegant and hopefully efficient technique, because that was my first baby step into the new world of numbers which is actually not new just rediscovered. (See Bibliography ) Anyway, this type of computing based on interval or another attractive variation called affine numbers requires rethinking almost everything connected to numbers.
It seems Pythagoras was right again when said everything is based on numbers. If you change the numbers, the whole world changes. It sounds a bit esoteric, doesnít it? But I am so excited like Neo when he entered the other side of the mirror.

The Buddha model is from the Stanford 3DScanning Repository and girl model is from 3D Cafe.