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Criteria of a Fastidious Rendering System

Geometric precision
Almost every one rendering systems avoid the geometric accuracy in rendering. It is explained by the pathos of the practical compromise. As a matter of fact, the normal perturbation in smoothing and bump-mapping applied on triangle mesh results nasty contours and unacceptable lighting behavior when incident light is grazing. More theoretically, the meshing is a precomputation that vandalizes the original models, raises a definitely unacceptable analytical inconsistency by the shading normals. From view of Hungry Cat it is disrespect for power of mathematic and its ethereal joy in capturing the beauty of shapes. The direct solution of original non-linear systems is needed.
Optical precision (accuracy of Fresnel terms)
Reasonable computation requisite
Unbiased computation
Controlled precision
Avoided optimization anti-patterns
Avoided measurement based optical-models
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